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  • Nick M.

    Nick M.

    Posted 01/20/2018 12:00 AM
    on Yelp

    Over the years from moving around we've had four vets. Dr. Sokoloff is and has been the best. (Don't tell the others). The practice is great and is situated in a modern office with easy parking. The staff is more than friendly. More importantly, the care for you animal is incredible. And on top of all that the prices are more than fair. You are never left with the feeling you were just "sold something". We moved within the CLT area last summer and still insist on this practice even with the 28 mile drive. Take your pet here with confidence!

  • Tracy W.

    Tracy W.

    Posted 12/02/2017 12:00 AM
    on Yelp

    I love this place!! Very reasonable prices and amazing veterinarians! They have been so great with my puppy! If anyone is looking for a great vet with convenient hours (late nights and saturdays!) you should make your way over here! Amazing staff!

  • Semra S.

    Semra S.

    Posted 05/30/2017 12:00 AM
    on Yelp

    I've had dogs for 40+ years and have taken them to various vets over the years. Today, I took my two older dogs to the Sycamore Animal Clinic for the first time. They saw Dr. Angela for checkups and shots. I have never met a better vet!! She examined each dog thoroughly, took time to ask and answer a number of questions, and then gave them their shots. The bill was reasonable/a pleasant surprise. Add in the spotless facilities, a helpful receptionist, and a nice vet tech, and I've just become their newest loyal customer. Outstanding service!!

  • Angie G.

    Angie G.

    Posted 04/21/2017 12:00 AM
    on Yelp

    I am SO glad I found this place. I moved to Charlotte in January, and I was really worried about finding a good vet close to my house. I have four pets, and one of them is a special needs cat (senior diabetic). After reading some great reviews, I decided to take my dog here for his yearly vaccine boosters that were due as a test run to see if this could be my clinic of choice. Dr. Angela is SO NICE. She really takes her time with your pet, and it's obvious that she truly loves animals. I never felt rushed with her, and she answered all of my overprotective pet mom questions. I've been to a lot of vets over the years, and she's by far the best. They also have a nail trim discount card where you can get a free nail trim after some visits (I think it's 10). I had to return a few weeks later with the aforementioned senior cat, who had some mouth sores (sadly a recurring issue for her). Again, Dr. Angela was patient and kind, and she gave my cat perfect treatment that quickly healed her poor mouth. I will recommend this place to everyone I know!

  • G M.

    G M.

    Posted 01/16/2017 12:00 AM
    on Yelp

    The best vet by far I've ever gone to and I have had lots of animals. Left a nearby vet because of front end staff rudeness and I am so glad I did. Dr Angela treats all of my animals as though they are special to her and even found a cancer in my dogs mouth that another vet had completely missed. Probably because she was on the floor with him. He's lying beside me right now. Not treatable but not in pain either thanks to the right medications Very reasonable prices and friendly front end staff.

  • Anna H.

    Anna H.

    Posted 03/05/2016 5:00 AM
    on Yelp

    I have a senior dog and our experience was a very conscientious, compassionate and thorough one. Dr. Sokolov took her time to get to know Tink and was very gentle with her. We also thought that the pricing is fair, too.

  • Clint L.

    Clint L.

    Posted 02/24/2016 12:00 AM
    on Yelp

    Dr. Angela was absolutely amazing. I've never seen a vet as good as her. She started the exam by getting on the floor and playing with my dog to make her more comfortable. I enjoyed this and I'm sure my dog enjoyed this as well. After the introductions, Dr Angela was extremely thorough with her exam and explained to me during each step what she was looking for and how everything felt/sounded. She actually listened to my concerns and checked those spots as I brought them up and gave honest recommendations on what to do. She gave a shot to my dog and she was great at getting my dogs attention with a treat while she administered the shot. I don't even think my dog noticed the shot. I will absolutely be back and will recommend her to everyone I know with a pet.

  • Rachel A.

    Rachel A.

    Posted 02/20/2016 12:00 AM
    on Yelp

    Had a terrific experience with this veterinary practice after having a lackluster one at a nearby clinic. My corgi has seasonal allergies, and he gets a terrible itchy rash that requires a yearly healthy dose of corticosteroids to help calm things down. It's hard to balance my work schedule with doctors' office schedules. Sycamore has phenomenal hours with Tuesdays and Thursdays open until 7pm. I was able to get a 6:30pm appointment, and Dr. Sokoloff and her staff happily stayed past closing hours to make sure my pup was well-cared for. Her exam was incredibly thorough and her consultation skills were absolutely on point. What I loved most though was she actually got down on the floor with my dog for his exam, so no need to hoist him up onto an exam table. She was playful with him during his exam, which definitely helped him be more comfortable with her checking his irritated, itchy areas. I was also shocked with how reasonable the price was after his appointment. Again, my pup has had treatment elsewhere for this same issue, so I went in expecting to be charged a certain amount, and the cost of his appointment was by far cheaper than what I was anticipating.

  • APBF Adoptions

    APBF Adoptions

    Posted 02/07/2016 8:55 PM
    on Google

    Wonderful Practice!! LUV Dr. Angela.. she is amazing and so caring!!!

  • Chad E.

    Chad E.

    Posted 01/27/2016 12:00 AM
    on Yelp

    Love that Sycamore is close to home. Literally, they are just a couple minutes away, and that is driving. If we walked through the backyard, we could probably be there in no time flat. While there are other places that aren't a whole lot further from the house, having someone this close is awesome. Being that the place is (relatively) new, it's also pretty nice looking as well - almost spa-like once you're inside, with calming colors and the like. This is important, because as it's a small operation, you may have to wait your turn. This is perhaps on us, because we often don't make an appointment, and just pop in unexpectedly, so take that with a grain of salt - it's to be expected because they are small - so if you don't want to wait, you may want to visit a larger operation. With that in mind, the staff is generally nice, and that's a good thing if you're there for any time at all (see the comment above again if you need reminding why it might be important). For check-ups and such, no problem at all. In a pinch, however, it means that you are left in a lurch. More than once, we've gone by at hours that would seemingly have them open (say, at 4pm on a weekday), and no one was in sight. With a small office, perhaps everyone was at lunch, and they do close early on Wednesdays (I think it's Wednesdays), so perhaps that is the day that I've always gone by. It just leaves you wondering what would happen if you were in need at another time. There are certainly emergency clinics and the like, and that's fine, just keep in mind what you are using them for and you should be fine!