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  • Anne A

    Anne A

    Posted 01/01/2019 00:00
    on City Grid

    My dog Polly and I had the best ever experience when I took Polly in for her annual shots. I was so impressed I just had to take the time to write a review of this new veterinary hospital . Dr. Dunn and her staff are great. Warm, funny

  • Robin Anderson

    Robin Anderson

    Posted 10/11/2018 18:15
    on VetTools Reviews

    I have never enjoyed taking my pets to the vet - between the cost and the hectic, chaotic, loud environment I have always experienced on those visits, it’s just always been something I dread. Until now. Coming into the Pine Mountain office I could immediately feel a sense of peace. It was quiet and calm and everyone was incredibly friendly. We were taken In right away with no wait. Dr. Dunn and her team made me feel like me and my dog were the only thing that mattered to them. I actually look forward to our visits now, and I’m sure my dog does too!

  • Donna Dennis

    Donna Dennis

    Posted 08/05/2018 10:19
    on VetTools Reviews

    Got very excellent care for LuLu.

  • sylvia williams

    sylvia williams

    Posted 08/04/2018 09:09
    on VetTools Reviews

    Dr Dunn is truly exceptional. She has been our vet for several years and we have always been pleased with the care she gives our little guy. When my dog was attacked a year ago she literally nursed him back to life This doctor is God sent, Her staff is also wonderful.

  • Mike Glancy

    Mike Glancy

    Posted 06/13/2018 12:53
    on VetTools Reviews

    If you're looking for an attentive, personal and overall great Vet, look no further. We're big fans of Dr. Dunn and her practice. She's kind, thoughtful and patient. And it's obvious she loves our four legged family members. We're thankful she's been our Vet since her practice opened in West Cobb over ten years ago.

  • Mallory Malcolm

    Mallory Malcolm

    Posted 05/07/2018 12:44
    on Facebook

  • Carol Ames

    Carol Ames

    Posted 01/11/2018 14:56
    on VetTools Reviews

    My dog Rex loved his recent visit to see Dr Dunn and Liz. I have never seen him enjoy a visit to the vet as much as he did and we are certainly going to continue to go to Pine Mountain Veterinary for care. A modest facility with compassionate, welcoming care. You can tell that Dr Dunn and staff have Rex and my best interests on their minds as they performed the examination and treatments.

  • Kevin Grube

    Kevin Grube

    Posted 12/16/2017 14:34
    on Google

  • Kevin G.

    Kevin G.

    Posted 12/16/2017 00:00
    on Yelp

    We've been taking our 2 labs to Pine Mountain Vet for over 7 years now and Dr. Dunn is hands down the best vet we've ever had. She is unbelievably caring to our pets and really will do anything she can to help them. We've gone to bigger vets in the past and you might see the vet for a minute or two each visit but with Dr. Dunn she takes the time to sit and get to know you and your furry family. She's a great person and should more 5 star reviews! Thank you Dr. Dunn!

  • Jeff  Schmidt

    Jeff Schmidt

    Posted 11/02/2017 13:55
    on VetTools Reviews

    My pets had the best time at their wellness visit! They licked peanut butter off pretzel sticks and hardly noticed any injections or even the tiny amount of blood drawn for the heartworm test. Liz and Dr Dunn took care of my needs and were so thoughtful and caring for my dogs too.