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Kevin Rasmussen

Dr. Boyer is excellent! Very knowledgeable, patient and friendly. He took the time to chat with me about my chameleon collection and corrected some of my husbandry. Thanks so much!

Posted 06/29/2018 21:23 on Facebook

Sydney Tani

Awesome staff, they really go above and beyond. Would definitely recommend!

Posted 03/21/2018 04:33 on Google Plus

Billy Paterakis

The vets and the staff are awesome. They really helped me through a very bad time, when I had to put my dog down.

Posted 02/20/2018 00:23 on Google Plus

Susan Fortna

Great service

Posted 12/30/2017 20:01 on Google Plus

Jessica E.

My family has seen many different veterinarians for our several dogs over the years, but this clinic has a special place in our hearts. Our 14 year old beagle got sick several months ago and was diagnosed with cancer by the Pet Hospital of Penasquitos. Never something a pet owner is ready to hear. Dr. Boyer and Dr. Mendez provided us with honest feedback, validation, empathy, and time to make the most difficult decision a pet lover will ever make. The staff made our little princess as comfortable as she could be and gave us several extra weeks with her before we could tell she was no longer comfortable and we needed to put her down. The staff gave us alone time with her and gave us blankets to keep her comfortable before administering the medication. I sobbed rather violently until we left the office. You could see the pain the staff felt for us in their eyes. Nothing about a visit to the vet to euthanize your pet is fun for anyone. We chose to have her cremated and returned to us in a wooden box with her paw print. About a week after she passed, we received a beautiful card in the mail signed by all the staff and a packet of Forget Me Not flowers. The next day my mom went to pick up our baby girl, now in a wooden box with her name on it and a impression of her paw. There was a very nice note and wildflowers to plant in her memory. For an event that was so difficult and caused so much pain, the staff at the Pet Hospital of Rancho Penasquitos made it as positive of an experience as it could be. Something my family will always appreciate. Thanks to all the staff that loved our beautiful girl and helped keep her comfortable for as long as possible.

Posted 12/23/2017 00:00 on Yelp
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