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  • Loretta Wampler

    Loretta Wampler

    Posted 10/19/2019 18:22
    on Google

    We brought our chinchilla in for a checkup and it was great, we got to ask any questions we had about him, they checked his teeth and everything else and I would 100% recommend this pet hospital.

  • Heather Skale

    Heather Skale

    Posted 10/09/2019 18:03
    on Google

    Wonderful vertinarian that I have used for more than 10 years.

  • Bonnie Sheets

    Bonnie Sheets

    Posted 09/20/2019 19:17
    on Google

    When our rat passed, they made the sweetest memorial clay tablet with paws and tail print. So sweet. Kind, knowledgeable staff knows their stuff for our small critters. Pricing is decent, too! Thanks guys!

  • Rev. Cheri Metier

    Rev. Cheri Metier

    Posted 08/15/2019 17:26
    on Google

    Dr. Boyar and team were very thorough and helpful with examination and diagnosis of a bacterial infection of a turtle we recently adopted from the humane society. My follow up call was received with professionalism and personal attention to my questions. Highly recommend!

  • Dan Muller

    Dan Muller

    Posted 08/15/2019 01:57
    on Google

    Great visit for my elderly Bearded Dragon.

  • Brigitte LaSala

    Brigitte LaSala

    Posted 08/08/2019 05:55
    on Google

    Really great service. My kids were thrilled to learn so much about how to take good care of their new pet. Thank you!

  • Michaelann Johnson

    Michaelann Johnson

    Posted 07/04/2019 02:17
    on Google

    Nice staff decent visit fee

  • C. Carrera

    C. Carrera

    Posted 06/28/2019 21:37
    on Google

    We're so fortunate to have found Dr. Boyer. After trying several vets around San Diego county, we were referred to Dr. Boyer for help in saving our beloved "beardie," Zooey. We have had MANY beardies throughout the years, with 99% of them being healthy and living long lives. But this case was different. After tests, we learned that Zooey had two tumors in his abdomen, and surgery, unfortunately, was not an option. We had little notice... since these were fast-growing masses. (Zooey had been seen by another vet --a good one-- six months ago, but only for joint pain-- which was treated with Baytril.) Dr. Boyer gave us good advice, and took steps to lessen Zooey's swelling, so he would be more mobile and comfortable. He has improved some, is still active, eating and aware, so I'm glad we didn't immediately put him down. I also want to thank Dr. Boyer's staff. They were SO helpful and kind, from the moment we walked in the office. Plus, I was very impressed with the comprehensive questionaires given to outline our pet's daily care. With beardies, food--cages--sun and light are SO important to a dragon's quality of life (along with love, attention & baths, too.) The staff also sent follow-up texts to check Zooey's health after our appointment. That was special and much appreciated! I'm hoping for some kind of *miracle* in Zooey's case, but we won't let him suffer. We'll know when it's time. For now, thanks to Dr. Boyer and all his staff, as we navigate through this difficult period. Your help and knowledge meant the world to us!

  • Teresa C.

    Teresa C.

    Posted 05/03/2019 00:00
    on Yelp

    I had just moved the the area and needed a new vet for my lab, Tonka. 1 week earlier he had to go to the emergency vet for stress colitis due to moving and i was told he should be seen by a general vet for a follow up. I called on a Monday and had an appointment for that same Friday. The entire team was amazing. Friendly, welcoming and made me feel like family from the minute I walked in. Tonka is usually a bit nervous at the vet, like most dogs, but here he seemed to be quite comfortable. We now have an appointment to return for a teeth cleaning, which I am happy to say as someone in the dental profession, is one of the most thorough and comprehensive procedures they offer. Thanks to everyone! You're part of our family now.

  • Bridget R.

    Bridget R.

    Posted 04/22/2019 00:00
    on Yelp

    Love the staff here. I know my dogs are in good hands when we go here. Thanks for all you do!