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  • Janet French

    Janet French

    Posted 01/01/2022 5:06 PM
    on Google

    Had a pleasant experience with my cat. Very clean looking place. Receptionist was curtious & professional.

  • Leslie Kalman

    Leslie Kalman

    Posted 12/01/2021 8:25 PM
    on Google

    My cat was neutered yesterday. He was purrfect. It was as if nothing happened to him. Thank you Warner West Pet Clinic.

  • Michele Del Valle

    Michele Del Valle

    Posted 09/15/2021 6:57 PM
    on Google

    I have been to 4 different vets in the past year and ones that say are low cost. This was the first to treat you and your pet with respect and not try and threaten you to buy more just too make bill higher needlessly. I was able to see Vet on person and I really liked her and felt my pet was safe with her and her staff. Great place to take your fur babies.

  • Lukas Burke

    Lukas Burke

    Posted 09/11/2014 7:03 PM
    on Google

    This Pet Clinic is great! They are super friendly and knowledgeable. The facility is very clean and inviting and they are great with the pets. Pricing is fair, definitely not to expensive. I highly recommend!