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  • Vetting


    Posted 06/22/2021 9:59 PM
    on Google

    We are so fortunate to have found such caring vets that always go above and beyond. I’m a director for a rescue and I can tell you that their team is just as passionate about the lives we save, as we are. And it’s not rare that you will find Welleby doctors, techs and staff staying well after their work hours… they work through fatigue and heartaches and keep going, never turning away the animals who need them. We are lucky to have such dedicated partners!

  • Bailey Harris

    Bailey Harris

    Posted 06/22/2021 5:12 PM
    on Google

    I am a Veterinary Nurse at a local ER so my standards are quite high. I know nothing about dermatological issues working ER so I went to Weleby for help. Within 24 hours his skin looks amazing and he stopping tearing himself apart scratching! I will be going back 100% the staff was amazing and so was the Doctor! My favorite was the nurse with the blue hair I wish I got/remembered her name when I was there but she was the best!!!

  • Melody Rose

    Melody Rose

    Posted 04/17/2021 8:00 PM
    on Google

    Had a doggy emergency and the staff was so empathetic and caring. Definitely recommend.

  • Hunter Gill

    Hunter Gill

    Posted 01/29/2021 12:20 AM
    on Google

    Amazing, friendly service!! I spent all day calling all over to find a vet to see my turkey that had a sinus infection, which can be deadly untreated. after a short couple questions a brief hold they found they had time for us immediately! Although dealing with a sick pet is heart wrenching, their friendly, caring service was a pleasure!

  • Theresa Ansbaugh

    Theresa Ansbaugh

    Posted 07/18/2018 5:43 PM
    on Google

    Amazing team at Welleby Vet. I called yesterday in a panic and Erica told me to come right in and they were amazing with my 11 year old dog who hasn't been to the vet in a few years due to a bad experience. Barbara is so loving she sure does care about your pet. I am so grateful for the immediate care that was given. the whole team is amazing!. I highly recommend bringing your pets here.

  • Andres Leon

    Andres Leon

    Posted 06/16/2018 4:57 PM
    on Google

    Dr. Andrea zimandy and all the nurses and staff are incredibly friendly and caring with our pets. They took wonderful care of our kitties as they got older and passed away. They dedicated their time and love to make their last moments calm and tranquil. We look forward to bringing our future pets to them!

  • Jules


    Posted 05/26/2018 3:17 PM
    on Google

    I came here for a 3rd opinion on a very delicate surgery for my snake and I'm so happy I did. Dr Zimandy and staff are so very kind and gentle. They don't rush you and Dr Zimandy remains an exotic vet for a very good reason, not only is she very knowledgeable but very caring and sympathetic. I'm glad I followed my gutt!