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  • Lindsey P

    Lindsey P

    Posted 06/04/2022 2:08 PM
    on Google

    Such a wonderful and friendly office! You always make our dog feel so loved and cared for!!

  • Wendy Ojeda

    Wendy Ojeda

    Posted 05/25/2022 5:28 PM
    on Google

    I had just adopted a 9 year old Shitzu who became very sick with a cough. I called Cottonwood Veterinary clinic and they got me in right away the next morning. They knew just what it was (kennel cough) and treated my new pup with lots of love and meds. Now she is on her way to recovery and doing great! I would highly recommend them and will be using them for all of my veterinarian needs

  • Jared Mattfolk

    Jared Mattfolk

    Posted 04/13/2022 7:17 PM
    on Google

    I've known Dr Whalen personally for a very long time and he has always taken great care of my pets. His staff and the other veterinarians there are very professional and helpful. Update April 2022 - same excellent knowledge, care, and service as always!

  • Tim H

    Tim H

    Posted 04/06/2022 5:54 PM
    on Google

    1st time here. Friendly, warm & personable staff, professional & knowledgeable vet, easy in/out. "It's all good!"

  • Ryan Roth

    Ryan Roth

    Posted 04/03/2022 5:11 PM
    on Google

    So glad we found such a caring and professional and knowledgeable vet for our beloved senior citizen puppies, after moving to the area a few years ago and having much poorer experiences the first few places we tried. Highly recommend the wonderful folks at this office.

  • Emily Housler

    Emily Housler

    Posted 03/09/2022 1:42 AM
    on Google

    Cottonwood vet is always great and quick to get my pets in when needed. Dr. Nied was great and compassionate with our most recent admission with our doodle Clyde. I’ve been going here for almost 10 years and will never choose another vet office.

  • Laurie Markle

    Laurie Markle

    Posted 03/05/2022 1:13 AM
    on Google

    Dr Nied was new to us but we really liked her . She is very comprehensive in her exams , clear in her explanations and listens to everything the pet owner has to say . As always the center is clean and inviting and the support staff is friendly , helpful and professional. It is easy to tell that everyone working here cares about your pets and the owners .

  • Thomas Weiss

    Thomas Weiss

    Posted 02/26/2022 3:11 PM
    on Google

    Everything was great. You can tell the team really cares about the pets and how they service their customers. The rooms were very clean and we appreciate that. Thanks for the great experience.

  • Linda Sayre

    Linda Sayre

    Posted 02/10/2022 2:44 PM
    on Google

    My 1 1/2 year old Aussie just had surgery to remove two stones from his bladder at Cottonwood. Their staff was AMAZING!!!! I would highly recommend this Vet. They were excellent in their communication and eliminated a lot of stress during a very anxious week. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Susanne Aldridge

    Susanne Aldridge

    Posted 01/03/2022 3:36 PM
    on Google

    I love this place, this is my second review and I am just back to say that they are still on top of their game. We have 2 cats, and wanted them to be seen - just a routine check-up though one cat has a bit of a bump on the leg. They were a little over a week out on routine appointments, but as I mentioned the bump they made room earlier to have just him seen next day (it was just a slightly swollen lymph node). I really appreciate that they keep opening to take care of more urgent cases instead of stuffing their schedule to the top. Very little wait time, everyone is super friendly and absolutely amazing with our cats. I like that they don't have a lot of turnover and you see the same friendly faces - to me a good sign that they treat their employees well and have decent compensation - I don't like places with high employee turnover. Highly recommended!