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  • Kathy De Cremer

    Kathy De Cremer

    Posted 01/24/2020 7:07 PM
    on Google

    Been taking my pets here since I was 12 yrs old, and now, Lets just say i'm in my young 60's. Although different owner now and for the last several years, I've gotten to know the current owners and staff even more so. I would trust no other than Dr. Tracy Gilbert, who has taken great care of my past 3 dogs, 3 cats. 2 parrots, current German Shorthair Lab (my queen), and my Russian Blue sassy cat.Just about a week ago I did have an emergency appt for my dog. Dr. G was out of town so I had a chance to meet the newest vet that recently joined the group and I and Emma felt very comfortable and confident with her also.

  • Connie Witterholt

    Connie Witterholt

    Posted 01/09/2020 11:32 AM
    on Google

    Took my dog in a week ago. She was very itchy and shaking her head a lot. The hair on her head and ears was almost all gone and she had open sores behind her ears. The other vet said it was anxiety and gave us antibiotics and medicated shampoo. The vet didn't even touch my dog. Gentle vet took time with us and so far she's doing great. They took tests of her ears and the skin on her head then deep cleaned her ears and trimmed her nails. Gave us ear drops and antibiotics. They were all very friendly. Spent over $600 in vet bills in the 7 months I've had her. Gentle vet found the problem. I will be staying with them. We're very happy and finally sleeping at night.

  • Emery Bracken

    Emery Bracken

    Posted 11/19/2019 8:04 PM
    on Google

    Our cat had been acting sick and weird for a couple days so we got a vet appointment as soon as possible. Everyone at Gentle Vet was super nice and they were able to treat symptoms when we weren't sure what the EXACT problem was. Our baby is feeling so much better already :')

  • Yuri Burrows

    Yuri Burrows

    Posted 02/13/2018 7:04 PM
    on Google

    I have been taking my dogs here for well over 15 years. The staff is always very friendly and they do a really good job regardless of what I bring my dogs in. When you first get a puppy, I highly recommend you get a puppy plan. It has everything a puppy needs over the 1st few months, and the cost is covered with just one payment. Can't say enough good things about this place.

  • Cyndi Price

    Cyndi Price

    Posted 09/19/2017 8:47 PM
    on Google

    We adopted two love birds from the Fox Valley Humane Society. They came from a hoarding environment. We wanted to make sure they were healthy. Rainbow and Sunshine received a very thorough and informative exam by Dr.Dan Gray. We are very happy with the head to toe exam. And it was very affordable.