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Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital
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Joyful grins
Golden retriever grinning in front of Christmas tree
Festivals and lights
Orange and white cat sitting next to menorah and dreidel.
Winter wonderlands
Mixed breed puppy dashing through the snow.
Helpful little elves
Brown tabby cat surrounded by gift wrap, tags, etc.
Priceless photo ops
Corgi and British Shorthair cat posing in front of Christmas tree.
Precious moments
Small grey kitten wrestling with large tree ornament.
Allllll the toys...
Sheltie surrounded by toys.
...and the boxes.
Brown tabby kitten playing in a gift box.
Special deliveries
Mixed breed dog holding gift bag in his mouth.
"Me time"
Brown tabby cat relaxing in a Santa bag.
Noses to boop
Rhodesian Ridgeback looking up at tree.
Joy to all creatures, great & small
Belgian Draft horse with a wreath around his neck and a black and white cat on his back.
We sincerely thank you for your support and for trusting us with the care of your best pet friend. We can't wait to continue to work together for your pet's best health and happiness in 2019.
Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season from your friends at Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital! 
Please keep your pet's safety in mind throughout your holiday celebrations! For some helpful tips on holiday pet health and safety: 
Thank you for trusting Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital with the care of your pet's health.
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