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We’ve all been there.
You lean in for your daily dose of sweetness from your best pet friend; a sloppy kiss or a friendly head bonk. Catching a whiff of the dreaded “bark breath” or “tuna tongue”, you find yourself shrinking away involuntarily. 

What an awkward moment between friends!
We humans often notice and may even joke about “iffy” pet breath, but the truth is, bad breath can be a sign of dental disease.

It’s no surprise that dental disease causes painful damage to your pet’s teeth and gums, but poor dental health actually affects much more than just your pet's mouth. The mouth is a gateway of sorts to the rest of your pet's body, so any infection there can actually invade the bloodstream and damage internal organs as a result.
Dental disease can be easy to miss at home.
Your pet may (or may not!) exhibit some symptoms like bad breath, but because pets are great at hiding signs of illness and going about their business despite discomfort or illness, you may see no signs of dental disease at all.

That's why bringing your pet in to see us regularly for dental evaluation and treatment is so important.
As your veterinary healthcare team, we're here to help you make the best decisions for your pet's health. Maybe you're considering scheduling your pet for a teeth cleaning, or you're just not sure what kind of dental home care to try? Please contact us! We're happy to discuss our recommendations for your pet's oral health.
So don’t let bark breath or tuna tongue come between a beautiful friendship! Call us today at 860-779-0608 to schedule your pet's dental appointment. Whether your pet needs a complete dental treatment or a dental check-up and a new toothbrush, we’ll have you begging your best pet buddy for kisses again soon!
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