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It's hard to imagine a better friend than our pets. We count on them for friendship and unconditional love, while they count on us for protection from dangerous parasites and the diseases they carry.
Fleas may only live a few short months, but in that time a female flea can lay thousands of eggs on your pet and in your home. Fleas can cause serious health issues for your pet and discomfort for every member of the family.
Ticks aren't just freeloading hitchhikers! They carry parasitic stowaways of their own which can cause Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Tick Paralysis, and a host of other diseases dangerous to pets and humans.
Mosquitoes can infect your pet with heartworms in one bite. When heartworm larvae become mature, they can cause fatal illness. Heartworm preventives protect your pet from deadly heartworm disease and from intestinal parasites that can harm your pet and your family.
To schedule an appointment or to order parasite
prevention for your pet, call us at 616-895-7941.
The ideal products for your pet.
When recommending preventives for your pet, we consider your pet's current health, weight, and living environment. Purchasing through us takes the guesswork out of choosing the best parasite prevention program for your pet!
No counterfeit or unsafe products.
You can trust us to purchase your pet's parasite preventives directly from
manufacturers or their trusted
Put your mind at ease.
Parasite prevention is not a one-size-fits-all situation, and some can be ineffective or even dangerous if used incorrectly or on the wrong species. We'll make sure you're using the safest and most effective preventive for your pet.
Due to a milder than usual winter, ticks are of special concern to us this year. Ticks carry and spread an array of diseases and pose a very real threat to your pet and your family. Please call us today so we can review your parasite prevention plan.

Parasite attacks risk your pet's health and cost more to treat than to prevent.
Prevention is easy and safe, so give us a call today! We'll make sure you have
everything you need to keep your best pet friend safe and protected from parasites.

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