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Did you know? Proper dental care keeps your pet healthy and chomping happily away. Dental disease can result in painful damage to the teeth and gums and even internal organ damage, but the good news is that YOU can help us keep your pet smiling inside and out.
The best way to keep your pet's mouth (and entire body!) healthy is through proper dental care at home and regular, thorough dental evaluation and cleaning by your veterinarian.

We created a "behind the scenes" slideshow for you to see exactly what happens when your pet visits our hospital for a dental procedure.
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If you have questions or concerns about your pet's dental health or would like to schedule an appointment, please don't hesitate to call us. Let's make 2015 the year of sweet doggy kisses and healthy kitty grins!
We know, we can sometimes sound like a broken record on the topic of dental health, but we’re not exaggerating when we talk about its importance to your pet’s overall health. Dental disease can cause a number of painful and dangerous medical problems including periodontal disease, rotten or abscessed teeth, sinus and jaw infections, bacterial infection and even organ damage.

Sometimes you might notice signs of dental disease in your pet such as:
Bad breath (halitosis)
Broken tooth/teeth
Excessive drooling
Reluctance to eat, especially dry food, or to play with chew toys
Chewing with or favoring one side of the mouth
Pawing at or rubbing the muzzle/mouth
Click here to learn more about signs of dental problems.
At home, you can brush your pet’s teeth. Ask us to show you how at your pet’s next visit, or to read some helpful tips online, click here for dogs, and click here for cats. If you’re already brushing your pet’s teeth regularly, consider yourself stamped with a giant gold star by us for excellence in pet care! There may also be dental treats, foods, rinses, or additives appropriate for your pet, so be sure to ask us for our
Keep in mind, if your pet already has significant dental plaque present, a dental cleaning
may be in order before you begin a home
care regimen.
Another key thing you can do for your pet’s dental health is scheduling regular dental treatments according to the timing we recommend. Some pets need annual dentals, some more or less frequently. We’ll evaluate your pet’s dental health at his or her wellness visits and let you know if a dental is needed.
Wondering what a pet dental entails? At a basic level, your pet's dental is similar to your own routine dentist visit. Like your dentist, we:
Probe for pockets in the gums and between the teeth that could allow bacteria to grow.
May take oral x-rays to check for damage to the teeth and jaw below the gumline.
Clean the teeth above and below the gumline, where the plaque causes problems.
Develop a treatment plan for any problems we find on examination.
One of the most common questions regarding pet dentistry is:
“Why does my pet need to be anesthetized just to have his teeth cleaned?” Great question!
Anesthesia actually keeps your pet safe and makes the dentistry experience better in several ways.Think of how hard it is to sit calmly in the dentist’s chair as a human adult. Now imagine that you don’t know why you’re being told to say “Ahhhhhhh” for so long or why that person is poking things at your teeth and gums? Anesthesia helps reduce pet stress and pain during dental procedures, and keeps your pet still to better allow us to get the job done safely for everyone. Additionally, the tube that delivers the anesthetic gas protects your pet’s airways and lungs from any bacteria that might be released as the teeth are cleaned.
We hope this newsletter has helped to illustrate the importance of dental health for pets. If you’re not sure how to get started, please ask us!
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